In early childhood, daily life experience is the “curriculum”. The child’s relationships with their caregivers and the environment are two of the most important ways that they can experience healthy life rhythms and routines.

Through the practice of the Living Arts, we foster the healthy development of the young child. These include the Creative Arts, Domestic Arts, Nurturing Arts and Social Arts.

The Living Arts

Creative Arts: The children engage in imaginative play, exploring nature, nursery rhymes, crafts, singing, story-telling and puppetry.

Domestic Arts: The children help wash dishes, sweep, water the garden etc. Their caregivers engage in meaningful and practical activities throughout the course of the day with devotion, a sense of purpose, focus and creativity and the children are free to participate in these meaningful activities.

Nurturing Arts: The children are nourished with wholesome food and regular meal times, lavender foot rubs at rest time, hair brushing, lap time and stories that are nourishing and healing. The caregivers strive to create a mood of gratitude, reverence and wonder in the environment.

Social Arts: Our mixed age program offers children the opportunity to learn in a ‘family style’ setting. Our younger children look up to the older children and they look forward to acquiring the skills and abilities they have developed. They are often drawn into the older children’s collaborative play, becoming a little puppy, kitten, baby animal or a member of the family. The older children develop the necessary leadership, care and nurturing skills needed to work with the younger children.

As a community, we celebrate yearly festivals in the Autumn, Winter and Spring.