Toddlers and Preschoolers:

Our outdoor space is set up with a variety of play environments where the children can safely climb, swing, run, jump, build forts and play in the sandbox. Toddlers are given plenty of space to explore movement and the development of balance.

Our garden is abundant with fruit trees and garden boxes where the children help plant, water and care for the plants that we eat fresh from our seasonal garden!

Children participate in preparing the food that we eat. We enjoy baking bread, making home-made tortillas, soups, muffins etc. Our food is wholesome and delicious! See our menu of the day!

Our beautiful indoor environment is set up with naturally crafted toys; play kitchen, wooden play stands for fort building, handcrafted dolls, building blocks, puzzles and space for crafting.

Rhythm and Routine:

Children thrive in an environment that offers the security and predictability of a strong, balanced rhythm.  Healthy rhythms help us breath and help our days go more smoothly and joyfully. Children know what to expect rather than question what is happening next. Within the form of our rhythm is the freedom for the children to create, play and explore.
In addition to our daily rhythm, we bring rhythm to our week; painting on Monday, bread making on Tuesday… and to our year when we celebrate the changing of the seasons and family festivals in Autumn, Winter and Spring.

Song and Music:

We celebrate life through song! We sing through the day as we work and play. Song is a wonderful way to transition from activity to activity and it brings the children great joy!
At nap/rest time, we play the kinder-harp which helps the children relax before resting or going to sleep.


We enjoy crafting at the Rose Garden; coloring with beautiful crayons, water color painting, modeling with wax and the lovely crafts that come with preparing for festivals and the change of the seasons.


Nursery Rhymes, Fairy Tales, Songs, Finger-Plays and Circle Games are all ways that we incorporate the rich use of language and movement. The Finger and Foot games are sung and played each day and help to develop motor skills.

Diaper Changing:

The Rose Garden provides organic diapers, wipes and diaper cream for the children. We consider diaper changing to be a special time for connecting with the caregiver and may include a fun song or nursery rhyme. Through the interaction of their caregiver, the child will be encouraged to actively participate in the activity by getting the diaper out of the cupboard, pulling the diaper or pants up or putting socks on.

Toilet Training:

Toilet training is paced according to the individual child. It generally begins around two years of age. Caregivers and parents work together to create compatible routines.

Infant Care:

We provide our infants with a warm and loving connection to their caregivers. The time infants spend away from their parents is best served when they are cared for by loving, knowledgeable, skilled caregivers.

We encourage the movement of the infant through their own capacity and naturally paced motor development; rolling over, crawling, pulling up. For mobility, our infants are frequently placed on natural fiber blankets or rugs in a protected space with a few simple toys to allow them the freedom that they need to explore. When they begin rolling and crawling, they begin to explore larger environments. We do not use any walkers, bouncers or mechanical devices.

During care activities; diapering, feeding, bathing, dressing etc., we encourage our infants to become active participants, rather than passive recipients, of the activities. We create opportunities for interaction, cooperation, intimacy and mutual enjoyment by being joyfully present with the child during the time we spend together. Nursing mothers are encouraged to come any time they wish to nurse their babies or to leave expressed milk for their child. Bottle fed babies are lovingly held while feeding.

Rocking and cuddling are encouraged to develop a healthy sense of touch and movement. We often sing to our little ones or play simple lap games with them. Depending on the child, falling asleep in the crib or pram works best while some may be rocked to sleep. When being held, our younger infants are carefully wrapped and held close to the care givers heart to provide a healthy sense of warmth and security.